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steam folder "ghost" , how to find him?
problem : when I delete steam from my pc there still is a "steam" folder somewhere in pc but I cant find it in the search bar , where can it be? - thats the question. Whats the purpose of asking my ag...
steam folder "ghost" , how to find him?
Picture of recycle bin.
i have no confidence in my self
Try to become better than you were yesterday:) dont try to level up in game , life is a game , level up in real life by reading books , doing sports , communicating with people , level up social skill...
Do you agree? (MM)
Excuse me for mistakes but I think its readable.
Natus Vincere vs Fraternitas
KAPARZO vs markeloff gogo!
best awper -- peet?
one guy said that hes a rifler , 1 match and already : hes amazing , its like Skadoodle OVERRATED....
cheater with wh/&#1063;&#1080;&#1090;&#1077;&#1088; &#1089;&#1087;&#1072;&#1083;&amp
so ? hes still random whos playing MM doesnt matter :)
Guess the fnatic new player! [giveaway]
Thanks DazeD and FalleN
FalleN cogu fnx bit kNg gogo
-Ex6tenz +BOT Connor
N4nDu again you man :D always playing vs you and now in XDD
How to join fnatic cs go TEAM
i think hes not trolling hes talking serious :D what country is this ?:D
potatoes gonna potate
Top5 your country? and who mvp 2012-2013
yeah right ellon 2-1-5 i see hes a top player :DD yeah right :)
NIP lineup
NiP won swedish and DH why dafuq are you doing this threads? are you fucking stupid? they are winning now why should they change smth? you know what means a team? omg..