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Cloud9 vs Keyd
I srsly havent watched NA scene in like at least 2 weeks. First game watching, Fer dominates once again. Best brazilian and definitely one of the best NA players atm.
Kinguin vs SK
Rofl that people rape A pistol take :D The aiming on these guys is great, as expected.
Absolutely. Teams would play 2 bo1, lose and they were out. BO2 is the best format for a group stage, when teams will only play eachother twice. Instead of 2 bo1s, we have 1 Bo2. As for betting, it'...
BR top 1 NA?
Well, unless C9 or Nihilum's recent rosters can adapt really quickly... yes. KeydStars are a much more consistent team atm, and basically are the best current team in NA. However... there has been...
Keyd vs Luminosity
Said it months ago, will say it again: fer is the best brazilian player, imo.
Pyth pronounciation
He should clear it up tbh, because english language rules don't apply to a non-english term. We just can't say.
He's funny... if you're like 12. Guy's a joke to the game. Makes it all seem like it's just childsplay and not an actual match with professional teams. He will go on until the 12 year old kids stop ...
Top 6 NA teams
LG is gonna surprise you all.
TSM vs NiP
mad VP fan is mad
Get Right is the best Counter-Strike player ever
loool, hope not
nip lineup changes
Xizt JW Flusha Friberg Allu Would be interesting, the fight for the no1 swedish :D
Your #1 NA roster
Hiko Shroud Skadoodle Roca/elige adreN
GPlay vs Atlantis
Valid points, my spanish hermano. May you shine and shine a lot.
PENTA vs x6tence
Amazing game. Congratulations to both teams. A shame the odds got so shitty for Penta, dunno why so many people switched but whatever... was gonna win 50$, ended up winning 25$ :( GG Penta.
PENTA vs x6tence
Great game on mirage. Although obviously many mistakes were made the game itself was really tense and enjoyable. Inferno should favor Penta, let's see how it goes...