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Hobbies you love
how much $ for starting equipment?
rain will be the best in 2018 for sure, he is a fucking MONSTER
fuck ddk and bardophl
anders, ddk and bardolph are best casting trio in csgo imo
Rise Nation vs Rogue
AGO vs Space Soldiers
Really questionable play by maj3r on 12:11 after SS taking A site, he decides to go with the lurk so early and goes down which enables the CTs to go for a retake instead of saving, and ofcourse, that ...
GX vs eXtatus
the round which screwed them over was that 1v4 vs zedko when he took the 3 guys, 2 of them peeking 1 by 1, dapr got over confident and went for a stupid peek, azk was stuck in electric wanting to help...
GX vs eXtatus
didnt see it was a bo1, i would try betting on brax's team, its gonna be tough 'tho, theyll need to be on fire, i mean technically they have more chance in a bo1 to win a whole game obviously but my b...
GX vs eXtatus
i dont really follow brax's team but if they have a decent awper in their team they can win this for sure, extatus loses maps to worse teams than gx daily plus this is a LAN and there is 0 pressure on...
Ghost Academy vs SoaR
do these guys know how to counter anything?
eXtatus vs AGO
at least they cant say they didnt warm up properly
ROG friberg vs ROG fl0m
odds are great to try with 50$, but theres no offer for this game on, unluko for me
ROG friberg vs ROG fl0m
theres no this match on otherwise i would bet on fl0m_team for the same reasons, this game is literally 50/50
ROG friberg vs ROG fl0m
NA guys will win this