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Beeing gay in your country
Probably better to be gay than straight......... Actually, the way things are going it's going it's probably easier to be anything other than a straight anglo-saxon white male protestant........ fml ...
10/10 girl according to you Yeah, just a regular ass..
Counter Strike 1.6 highly overrated?
Well, I didn't because I knew both phrases but whatever makes you feel comfortable my friend :)
10/10 girl according to you
"just a normal girl with a perfect ass" Error 404 Ass Not Found
Counter Strike 1.6 highly overrated?
I'm not sad dude :) I am not denying it is and was more commonly known as Russian walk...... I just wrote it how I remember it. Either way, what does it matter as people called it different things; c...
Counter Strike 1.6 highly overrated?
Yeah and where do you think Russian walk came from?? Russian walk..rushandwalk?? Russian walk doesnt make sense without context. Rush and walk is running silently... Played since beta and have always...
should i kiss her at first date?
If the date is going well then yes but only a goodbye/goodnight kiss, if you don't then you risk being friend zoned.
Top 5 players at their peak
Yes..........the fact that fnatic were a better team and got further into tournaments, therefore flusha had more personal awards than kennys (which we have seen is a big factor in the top20 players).....
Possible new international team?
Suppose it depends on the deal offered as well.
Counter Strike 1.6 highly overrated?
From someone who played cs1.6 competitively from 2000-2006, I would say the ak was 100% better than the m4 and back then spraying wasn't actually all that useful, it pretty much came down to who had t...
NEED FPS help!!
Excellent, buzzing that worked for you :D
RTX 2060
Ok... I mean we all have fucking google don't we? It's not that hard to find, one quick search:,news-57967.html
RTX 2060
Ok, just go against the advice of MOST technical guru's and advice websites etc and listen to random VladAhmedi. I mean the reason that the 10 series cards went up in price so much was to do with exac...
RTX 2060
Didn't see the used part but again, particularly 10 series cards, I wouldn't risk a used card.
NEED FPS help!!
No worries, hope it works, fingers crossed.