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Shave beard or nah?
november is coming up. use that as an excuse not to shave for a whole month. if you like it, keep it, if not, shave it. warning: most beards will take a couple of months before getting full. it's...
Your Salary?
I'm interested in this. I work in the bay area as well, but doing power systems research. Did you take any specific data science training? I've been looking at data science programs for phds and might...
oporto portugal
trust this guy. all his suggestions are really good.
900,000 Viewers
honestly i feel that there are so many tournaments these days that it's hard to get hyped for any tournament at all. ECS, EL, Major, SL, ESEA, etc etc. It's like there's always something every day,...
Zowie Ec2-a
While we're at it, I have a couple of the EC1, EC2, FK1, FK, and ZA13 models. If you have serious questions about any of them I'll be glad to answer.
Zowie EC2-A
Such a small world! I received my ZA13 for review from them as well!
Zowie EC2-A
yeah, sorry, I just meant Zowie in general but didn't check for that mouse specifically. I believe they are the main Zowie distributor in the US, so if they don't have it it will be hard to find.
Zowie EC2-A
try rexflo if you're in the US. they have plenty of stock
xantares mouse
Sorry, but that's just wrong. the only changes made throughout 3090 models were in coating and scroll wheels. No changes were made to the sensor, lens, and/or PCB. I own 5 different FK versions alo...
xantares mouse
which doesn't change the fact that the list claims to be based on sensor performance yet puts different mice with the same sensor in different tiers. the list is old as fuck, and what I'm saying is...
xantares mouse
your point being? The AM / FK / EC eVo all had the 3090 sensor in 2013. source: I have all of them
xantares mouse
think again
xantares mouse
that makes absolutely no sense. it claims to be based on sensor performance, but all Zowie mice have exactly the same internals and your list places different mice in different categories...
Best mouse and headphones?
If I'm not mistaken the HD800 costs $1000 and the he500 about $900. With that said, I won't argue with you.
Best mouse and headphones?
check the Neewer lapel mic. surprisingly good mic for $2.