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Who Do You Miss?
your mom
Your idol?
she looks mental though. her parents must have talk some real shit in her ears growing up. what a messed up young girl. sad
I’m scared
without knowing your situation i could give you an advice further and it's simple. Life is hard and will knock you down, but when you are at the bottom of life you will need some power to move on and ...
cheating your GF
nah f**k that if she ugly and you find a fiine girl it's ok to cheat. you tell that to your GF after you cheat and show her a picture of the hotter girl you done it with. and tell her facts don't care...
Barcelona Inter
if you want quality it cost money so my advice would be start working and earn it.
fuck smoking
sure. you can also tell yourself the same question when it comes to girls and sex, because you never tried it before. you might be 100% gay. that would probably change your mind a little.
Eyes surgery
it's okey i'm not shot sighted.
women football? gameplay and speed are extremely slow and boring. only fun to watch because of those many mistakes, own goals and ofc it's some good looking girls. but game wise is not very interestin...
i rate ur gf name
Mary Juana
I'm afraid
if you think about the vast space out there and how little you are and that we are on a lonely little blue ball of mass will probably help.
Black Belt
I probably would tho.
Black Belt
that belt doesn't do shit if i hit you first.
if i stream
fuck barcelona
lmao. and mane then? look like he's been shot twice in the back with a rifle.