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Im danish, ask me everthing.
what's the highest moutain in denmark?
hottest girl you've seen
dana white.
aurora still hot
i'm sorry for your taste brother, she is a 3/10
2 trillion galaxies in the universe
yeah it's very interesting, but us people on this planet wants to fight eachother instead of trying all we can togheter to figure out where TF we are in this monster room. i guess we are to dumb to ev...
Kebap > Taco
kebab ofc. tired of taco. it's boring
CS GO wont launch after update
get a new computer. or wish it for christmas
2 trillion galaxies in the universe
and it probably is. it's scary to think of.
Loyalty Badge
because volvo don't see you as loyal. that's why it's called "loyalty badge"
"girls don't care about muscles"
muscles is great if you also have a personality and brain. No girls wants a beef jerky stupid af.
i don't play solo, only play with 4 friends and premium is 3 max, anyway people can still get new account and buy premium on faceit. now they do't even need to pay for cs.
what i hate about this f2p update is that all cheaters allowed on faceit with new accounts. now that is killing the game for me. i rather quit then play on prime 64 tick for sure. idc about the battle...
First kiss ?
feelsbad man, but you probably aint tried hard enough though.
First kiss ?
it was with my girlfriend at that time. i was arround 11-12 y/o i think. and later i broke up with her at christmas eve in a text message, took the gift i bought her and got my money back.
When is Faceit Fixing Their shit
guess the cs era is over then...
my cat is showing dying behaviors
sounds bad man, not gonna lie.