Be nice and give me a skin ... I got 0 of them so dropping one would be superb .
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I will guess your country
Make Counter-Strike Global Offensive great again?
Add mods like death run and surf on the main UI.
dust2 coming out 2night
What made you believe that it ll be released today ??
Dazed on hltv!!!
Holy shit.Dont you ever say that again. I would never support a nation that murders people for a little bit of oil and social domination.
source2 Lool Go check under the tab Games.
s1mple LMAO
As you have seen with SK He only was good when everyone else was bad. Navi management in order to make him feel more comfortable at the high level that they were competing gave him all the spots that ...
s1mple LMAO
Oh give me a break ... Zeus is a true fucking leader unlike seized who cant assist the team in any fucking way.He cant get his best players to perform and is just not skilled enough to play on a high...
CSGO World Cup
talk to me about my dear stalin..
Where exactly did I state that you insulted me ?? I just left the argument to where it was, so it would not escalate quickly with insults .
That's whats wrong with today's society.. People won't admit that they're wrong and will defend themselves till someone insults them.I'm above that ,just go attack someone's else intelligence.
Learn what sarcasm is and how it's used.There is no such thing as sarcasm in your post .
He said to understand the poor.Not be poor themselves.
FPS prob, help
Reset your bios.There are turtorials on youtube.It's really easy it will take you about a minute , just open your computer and follow the instructions. edit: