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Fnatic best team?
for example, remove coldzera from team and lets see what happens?
LGB IS BACK <3 <3 <3 <3
I would love to see - Mystic, hoyland, kalle, cENTRYZ and some decent IGL
Hi (sorry for bad English)
English (sorry for bad Hi)
i think its because G2 won over NiP.
Thank mr.tyloo
Haven't seen anything cocky/bad behavior from Chinese lately...
I hope they wont take kioshima, cant stand that guy for no reason I guess, still fingers crossed for NiKo.
fnatic hate
All the hate from community probably made them arrogant-ish. In my opinion that what they do is not arrogant, that's kinda funny.(talking bout tweets tho)
I thought that everything fnatic guys tweeted always was just a joke but after watching karrigan being kinda mad about that, seems like that shit works and fnatic gets into opponents heads.
after all hate some of fnatic guys got and still gets(including flusha) I think his attitude is understandable and kinda funny.
Your way of picking up girls?
Do you sit on my F5 key? Cuz that ass is refreshing! It's your lucky night girl, cuz im drunk and desperate! STD's are like pokemons baby, u gonna catch them all! Are you flappy bird cuz i wo...
Had sex with best friends girl
gurl is slut then
Had sex with best friends girl
someone need to chop ur balls off
Whats wrong exactly? Im saying that 2/3 A group teams plays cross with 3/2 B group teams...
first of each group advances to semis immediately 2nd and 3rd place plays cross. 2nd vs 3rd ; 3rd vs 2nd
thank mr dosia