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Playing Ducks vs GODSENT
fnatic Academy vs Crowns
that little pugstar? hahaha
Mouz 5th
He's going to penta =)
zARLANS vs Vexilla
TsaGa from gambit told their players false conditions which they will get and so they basically left them, later on their lineup received offer from another well known organisation in CIS with salarie...
Vega guys are five friends that enjoys playing with each other and they're actually very balanced and talented team. So idk xD
I know a lot :)) can't remember it was when they were about to pick up spaze or kick him but yeah, there was offer
mir declined Gambits offer once already, i doubt he will leave now when they are getting better
waylander is more than capable of dropping 20+ every match, it's just a fault of b1ad3 that he gave waylander role of a decoy even tho b1ad3 should be the one who's a walking decoy. remember how wayla...
How can he say that if he's playing there first 3 months w/o salary and it's not told that they're gonna sign him after the trial.
Sadly that the guy who advised fejtz to them didn't told them that he's a rat and a faggot
Pretty much everyone in baltics know that he's a rat and a faggot.
I understand russian and i know what's in that screenshots, i'm saying that sadly he didn't translate those screenshots in english for people who doesn't understand shit in russian Los Angeles
Sadly there's no translated screenshots from vk. Make it as blog not a forum topic
VP is back
20K-25K$ salaries bois