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CZ Nerf Incoming Next Week
I just want a new OP to start..
The P90 is only good against horrendous players. The auto sniper isn't OP, it's just viable and more for niche setups. Who the fuck cares what goes on in low level matches. Low level matchmakin...
hltv admins attitudes with "anti-csgo" comments
CSGO is good.
CSS a beautiful game
You can link videos like this from any CS...
wp Valve, but not enough
They were all on sale. 1.6 was like 2 dollars all day yesterday. Of course people are going to buy it.
Top organisations don't support CSGO! Hah, in your face Valve
Who cares? There aren't good enough free agents out there for those organizations to be successful in CSGO anyway. The best players are all spoken for.
Firefall: 10.000k per month @ ESL
Maybe in PvE but PvP is all instanced and everyone has the same exact choices of the 5 classes. Your PvE gear and stuff doesn't carry over to PvP so everyone's got the same selection of classes with ...
Firefall: 10.000k per month @ ESL
The game is pretty cool and I've been playing PvP on Beta a lot but I feel like it takes way too much damage to kill somebody. Makes fights kind of silly.
That it's less taxing on the engine to render the smoke effect. Nothing we need to care or worry about.
wtf? no it's not.
It may not be a perfect solution but it's certainly a large improvement. I'm taking what I can get as far as any and all improvements.
RIP adadadadadad
CSGO made trace leave CS
That doesn't in the slightest prove that it's worse. Different =/= worse. Players from a different game not being good at a different game =/= worse. That's just fucking retarded.
CSGO made trace leave CS
This is just the dumbest fucking post. Oh noes, players that were good at a completely different game aren't good in another? OK GUYS, BASEBALL SUCKS BECAUSE MICHEAL JORDAN WAS HORRIBLE AT IT.
Better Resolution ?
It's really like 99% preference to be completely honest.