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currently play csgo league in North America as currently living in montreal, quebec

used to play 1.6 LANs in france, then cs:s
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ATK add Cyrix, bLazE steps down
idk if good pickup but gl to the SA boys
Bringing Brazil to the Major: How 21 players fought their way to the biggest stage
what this article should really have been about is how utterly dead NA cs is, and br teams coming up to take all their spots lole
Bringing Brazil to the Major: How 21 players fought their way to the biggest stage
lol yeah if anything this article shouldve been about how na cs is dead and br has completely taken over the scene
fnatic sign smooya on trial
the lad can perform, let's hope he has matured and flourishes
Fessor joins Astralis Talent
he deserves better team
fnatic bench Jackinho
they will prob have some tryouts. nawwk, mhL, kennys, allu, snatchie, im prob forgetting a few
EG awarded forfeit win over Triumph in IEM Fall North America
"Insult to injury is added when considering the veto for the match resulted in Nuke being the battleground between the two teams — a map that Evil Geniuses hold a 0% winrate on in the last six months,...
Evil Geniuses vs Triumph
lmao bruh...
DBL PONEY vs Fiend
that first half was hard to watch
Entropiq vs Spirit
??? what is this playing 6 rounds shit
DBL PONEY and NIP take lead in Group D at IEM Fall
poney gang poney gang
poneys rise up
Nivera parts ways with Vitality amid transition to VALORANT
this fucking sucks and is super sad to see
IEM Fall to run on latest update
excited to see what teams do with utility drop change, will be fun towatch
Spirit vs Eternal Fire
good job EF, hope to see more good results :D