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pyth to NiP confirmed
2016 will be a big year for both CS:GO and me That can only mean one - ladders will be removed from cs
Most beautiful girls in Europe
Bottom 3: UK, Finland, Germany
Most beautiful girls in Europe
Why didnt you include Latvia and Lithuania in the poll, they have a very high% of beautiful girls
fREAKAZOID instagram
Device is the best in TSM though and by far the best looking
CS:GO Circle of Life
Creative, i like :)
TSM getting a gaming house?
They are gonna be good as long as cajun doesnt start to create drama
worst caster?
Vendetta is clearly the worst. Before he started faking accents i think he was sort of a okay third to anders and semmler. But since then he started turning pro matches into his accent training excerc...
Current Top 30 CS:GO Teams
I think your list is pretty good tbh, probably would still rank C9 slightly higher and im not sure about the other teams in NA
R.I.P Nuke?
shame, nuke is my favorite map
Draw your favorite weapon
Interview with Skadoodle after NA Drama...
Was expecting to get rick rolled, but i man'd up and clicked. Had not seen before and i thought it was f-n hilarious. Thx for linking
Your salary? :D
like -5k€ to +10k€ online poker
NiPs future
Thooorin is that you?
Ugliest language?
I watched a VP match on izak's stream when the real stream went down. it sounded like he was taking a shit through his mouth so i had to mute it and just watch the action. Hope that doesnt happen agai...
Best gangster song?
damn it feels good to be a gangsta