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Ol´ school 1.6ser, been playing on and off since beta 5.2. Did my "clan career" at UK. Enjoy the game, respect the players!
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Tec9 is retarded
Pretty much the same. While CS:GO is a great game, it requires me to play this a lot to have "crisp aim". The game doesnt interest me enough to invest that kind of time, hence I only play DM once a...
Tec9 is retarded
CS:GO relies too heavily on the reflexes. May the faster man win.
If +600 FPS, post your pc specs
Read the article, and you might be surprised
If +600 FPS, post your pc specs
http://www.anandtech.com/show/2803 Input lag comes from any pheripheral the information goes throught: mouse, usb, mobo, gfx, screen. Of course.
Top 10 ice-hockey countries
Yeah, SVK have improved in youngsters. Czech have regressed a bit at least temporarily (having said that, they had 37 players in NHL 14-15, which is more than SVK and Switzerland together). Both Sl...
jOELZ is cheating
If those individuals would work together and share same ambition towards the game, then with time and practise "yes"; they would be force to be reckoned with.
"The eye can only see 60 fps"
He is arguing that the argument "eye can only see 60fps" is invalid, because human eye sight dont work as frames per second, its dynamic. So you already agree with him, just misunderstood him.
Lurppis in roccat
WINDOWS 7/8/10
+1 Im happy for you. W10 search function is actually useful, holy hell that took like 10 years to get it there :D
Xantares vac proof
Of course that is a single incident, but holy hell; explain that :D
WINDOWS 7/8/10
Its only free for the first year after W10 release.
WINDOWS 7/8/10
Im using W10, and its by far the best OS ever made, so I have no idea what are you on about.
The new update
I wasnt referring to player models, everyone should enjoy the better hitboxes. The more recoil they give to guns, more most 1.6sers will like this game.
The new update
I would say on the contrary, most 1.6sers that I know actually enjoyed the update. Mainly the balancing of the noob M4-s
I miss OLD 2013 CSGO
I think CS:GO was terrible in the beginning and has slowly taken several aspect from previoust iterations. This has made the game better, but it will make it harder. Just to say, I really hated...