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NIPs solution
If I were a member of the NiP staff I would; a) Study the weakness; were does the round go bad and how can you get every player to perform as a team rather than making individual plays to close the...
TSM best team in the world?
At the moment I think they really are the team in best form. The downside for TSM from now on is that the "classic" Top 4(NV, NiP, VP and Fnatic) will begin to study TSM more and make more anti-strats...
If you have people from your own country that has been great at something for a long time other people from that same country usually take credit for it. This isn't anything new and happends with ever...
Allu's destiny
Allu should get a contract by NiP and stay for this reasons: -International team. This is going to be the future for every esport game for many reasons. One of the reasons is that the organization...
allu bottomfragger in the nip
They will get their communication to perfection, maybe not in this tournament but they most certainly will after some practice! I think Allu is a perfect fit and I think that over time it will give th...
allu bottomfragger in the nip
Listening to NIPs VOD yesterday I have to say that they sounded like a team with good chemistry and Allu took sometimes the liberty to make calls for himself(self confidence is the key here because he...
DH Winter Bootcamp
Yeah, i guess the admins of DH Winter feels pretty confused at the moment. This tournament will not be what I've hoped it would be.. :(
Krimzz becoming best player in world?
Yeah, to bad we never get an american team in top 3 so they can teach every other nation how it is done! :_( murica :_(_
fnatic vs Virtus.pro
Does this match start 15:30 or after the other semi-final?
NiP vs Virtus.pro
I'll bet my right hand that VP will ban that map and NiP will ban mirage! :)
I want IGOR MACKO's knife!
NiP vs VeryGames
Finally, bye bye France!
Giveaway Knife
gif meh dat knif