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Luminosity vs Renegades
RIP in pieces, Ausfailia
Hot Brazilian Blue Hair Singer
Reported on youtube for promoting terrorism.
Mouse Choice
Yes it is. Infrared optical to be exact.
Update 13/02/2014
Yep, at best it's still a dynamic crosshair :|
I like big butts and I cannot lie
FPS config CSGO
If this is really legit, post it to pastebin then.
13' kid holding plastic ak47 killed by police
THIS. Californian policemen have a reputation for being unprepared and extremely trigger-happy
13' kid holding plastic ak47 killed by police
*Welcome to california... fixed that for you.
MS IntelliMouse 3.0 Dark Grey DPI
Did you use enotus mouse test? (considering you're not making a weed pun, that is.)
Is it a racism when...
csgo keys price
It's even cheaper in Russia. I know a russian dude who bought himself Payday 2 using only money he made selling keys (hundreds of).
5 year veteran coin
As far as I know, the coins are not dropping AT ALL for people who have been VAC banned(read about a dude who had a VAC ban on MW2 and did not get the coin,lol).
USP tonight!
That's exactly what I fear! :x
M4A4 Silencer Confirmed
Well I'm done here. So much for just trying get some facts straight. I won't get into the name calling like you did, but just keep in mind, my knowledge about firearms comes from actually dealing with...
M4A4 Silencer Confirmed
Cocky? I just wanted to clear things up. Meanwhile, you tried to prove me wrong. And as shown by the link that YOU provided, I was not.