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S1mples dream
His dream is quite understandable according to the situation between UA & RU. Moreover, he is homesick right now, most of you, will never experience it, when you're in your teenage years and will move...
syrian refugees
and ISIS your good friend
Favourite Sex Position
doggy ofc
your last ctrl+v?
s1mple gambling addiction xD
This is so hilarious :D:DD
:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD nice plan lol.. :D
GJ Russians
I know enough to say like that and this is not my words, it is stated like this. And brutal not, because of how many soldiers died, its because the way they were killed.
GJ Russians
War in Chechnya was one of the most brutal wars, you should google was Russian special forces were doing there. Right now Kadryvov's Chechnya is a good partner and friend of Russia and if somethin...
GJ Russians
Do you know that there are many different types of cultural believes among muslims. Don't compare Chechnya muslims to one who are coming from Syria. Idiot.
Pyth Blocked me
He was always like this, cheti, from onlinebots were better than him and then pyth accused him for cheating and deleted from steam etc
31 days nofap
Damn guys, how are you able to stay "clean" for one month? My personal best is one week and, because I was literally wasted 7days in a row.
Simple question
Yes yes, Denmark has dark skin people, but GBR has way more, nowadays its hard to meet englisman walking down the street in London. I understand that youre trying to make up as much as possible so...
Simple question
You should go to Brazil and you will surprised when you will see light hair ladies everywhere and they look gorgeous.
Cant even remember last time when I read so much bullshit in one post.
How can be so naive and stupid or you think that Latvian country-side area looks better than Russian one? Lets compare Moscow and Riga. Red Square is better than your whole capital city, no offence.