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weird pro duos?
any of those would surprise you only if you're new to the scene... here's the match guardian played with shox https://www.hltv.org/matches/2245215/natus-vincere-vs-tcm-gaming-techlabs-minsk-qualifier#...
FINALLY TARIK back to superstar!!
I never said you don't have a scene or history buddy, I'm just saying that you're not from a country that would be considered a mecca of CS players, compared to france, sweden or some eastern eu coun...
FINALLY TARIK back to superstar!!
I gotta give it to the Salvador boy, why would you try that when you're from Spain xd
So if s1mple stay
xdddd pathetic
Bitcoin price hahahaha
never put money into something you don't research briefly at minimum... because you clearly have no idea about how the whole thing works if you need to ask for any links after what he wrote
Slovakia LOL
2010, find something new :)
East EU Teams Ranking
nope. I'd put navi over gambit and Space Soldiers over flipside. +Kinguin are shit, the worst kind of shit.
East EU Teams Ranking
This ranking is so shit I want to kick you from life.
Superteam in your country
queztone GuardiaN styko frozen Zero(MonttY)
Imperial vs eXtatus
smash eXtatus! 2:0 EASILY
Imperial vs eXtatus
They are so pumped! The amount of stupidity in your comment is unbearable-
Player given the most chances?
Cadian for sure, but even then I like him as a player, he is smart but he lacks skill or hours put into.
Best AWP/Rifle hybrid?
Shox imho...
Best major in CSGO?
All the 2015 majors.
not happening