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Name: Marc Douze
Age: 18
Clan: -
Game: CS:GO




Game Settings:

In-game Sensitivity: 1.35
DPI: 800
Windows Sensitivity: 6
Resolution: 1024x768
Advanced: Lowest


Graphic Card Settings:

Brightness: +50%
Contrast: +50%
Gamma: +1.25
Digital Vibrance: 100%

Something about my gaming history:

I started COD1 when I was 6 years old. Later started playing COD4 and COD5 which was not really my thing.
After that I found my way into COD6 competitive sniping, where I played for 3 years.
Now I quited COD to find more advantage and a harder game.

I really want to become better and more proffesional in CS:GO


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hmmm. It went up from 0.23 to 1.75? Hehe, i made bank!
crypto currencies
i currently have Ripple
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U meant SK Fox?
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Yes, you linked us one single DustII game. Doesn't mean shit LOL
NaVi kick confirmed
fake, no proof at all. Just a guess, but nothing confirmed yet at all.
NaVI Changes confirmed already.
do u have a link or any proof about seized confirming the guardian move to faze?
NaVI Changes confirmed already.
"according to multiple sources close to the player and organization" I don't see the word "confirmed" or anything like that?
Anyone problems entering FaceIT website?
CTRL+F5 worked xD /close
And I need an AWP DM server on regular maps like de_cache or de_mirage... PLEASE
Serious topic about BIG
True, BIG seemed to be really well prepared, atleast on inferno. They deserve a place in the quarter final cause they simply played better than the other teams and the other teams made a mistake by no...
Serious topic about BIG
In that case, you spread #fakenews too since u said it wasnt mentally stimulating, while it actually was for some other people replying to this thread. Edit: You dont have a dick
Serious topic about BIG
It is just a question, if its not "mentally stimulating" to you (which is an opinion, even tho you talk about it like its a fact), then you shouldnt have answered
Serious topic about BIG
That could also be the reason. In that case, I think SK underestimated BIG.
Serious topic about BIG
Useless threads on HLTV take all serious threads down..