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m_rawinput 1
Since they fixed mouse input, virtually all of them.
Flusha cheated
I've given up even trying to converse with people who claim flusha didn't cheat. They've very clearly never played CS.
There was a much funnier clip when he was playing with a pistol on Cache, next to the smoke by the forklift. He very blatantly pinged his aim button to find out where the player was in the smoke. ...
Flusha cheated
Sure he is...
Flusha cheated
There was never any doubt. He's stolen tournament victories from legit players and teams.
Prime account first impresions - HERE
There are roles in CS. I dgaf what YT vod you link. Using something from Fallen to describe Valve matchmaking, is like trying to compare the Ajax Total Football system to a blind five-a-side match...
The new 'low ammo' sound is also heard by the enemy... Valve really are clueless.
cheating drama
lmfao, now I know for certain I was right. Bye, new fag.
cheating drama
tl;dr? (Actually don't bother. I'm certain it's just more bullshit).
cheating drama
LMFAO! Why is it that whenever anyone mentions how new someone may be to the CS scene, said teenager almost always responds with shit like, 'been here since 1.5, kid'..? I don't give a fuck whet...
cheating drama
No, I'm afraid that's incorrect. BLewis may have recently built for himself a more credible professional record. But he wasn't always such a credible e-sports journalist/personality. In fact I'...
cheating drama
cheating drama
So you don't think having a metal detector search prior to a player stepping on stage is a good idea?
Once a shitter, always a shitter.
Four Kings back !!
I don't think so. Although it's been a long time since I checked tbh.