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Your fav weed.
Any Kush, Haze or Cheese. Right now smoking og kush. Da best
Gaming Chairs
Id go for a Maxnomic, they might be a little more expensive but you will get moneys worth. And to ppl above me, fuck off he not asking for some cheapass office chair, he wants a real chair! all yo...
flusha all time CSGO legend
His consistency is crazy, always playing well! He and Krimz are the backbone of the Fnatic squad, without these guys they would not make them comebacks happen for sure!
TaZ great guy
Polish fans are retarted how the fuck can you boo the best player in 2015? Fucking hell.
Worst major yet?
Tomorrow the real event starts. this is just warmup for the hype. Fuck bo1's. And there have been some real close matches today, but hey you are from NA so I guesss you only like to watch NA t...
Cobblestone Souvenir Package
yes ez 30 euros finally never had a drop before
no thorin at cologne
Atleast there will be a positive attitude at the desk with Chobra. Fuck Thoring and RLewis they can die in twitter hell for all I care!
NiP vs FlipSid3
NiP keeps picking T side first, they did same against fnatic but not so smart on train if you ask me, no matter how good you are.
Titan vs fnatic
No fucking way... only JW XD
rahim is great!
Yes he is very repetitive with many same jokes, but hey Listening to music while watching CS aint the worst thing in the world.
inverted mouse
Maniac plays like that, its crazy!
Aim problerm
That is counter-strike for you m8. Youre gonna be having days where you cant hit shit. Some days you might go bat crazy on aiming but thats counterstrike: CONSISTENCY is the biggest problem f...
need esea codeee
stop living in 2013 please ands only mined for a week so yea good info ;D
New IGL:s
Thing is most IGL's know eachothers game so well that sometimes the teams feel like a change of IGL will change up their losing streak, or if they are in a bit of a slump like NV is atm.