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-Devil +fxy0
not true, there were plenty of times in source where they weren't on the same team, with brief stints of the same thing in GO (shox in epsilon and not in VG from the start)
Worst religion
you could have been an accident, maybe the condom split
Worst religion
im impressed
Valve what are you thinking of?
played 1.6 and source you "moran"; source nuke was almost identical to 1.6 nuke. a good map that was heavily ct favoured just like the original go nuke. change is good for the game, 1.6 and source bot...
Valve what are you thinking of?
it was like source nuke before the update not after. shove your 1.6 perspective up your arse, it's CSGO now. if you miss 1.6 then go fucking play it. this isn't 1.6 get over it
Mouse advice
zowie fk1 used many mice over the years, this is bestest
ESL ESEA Pro League > ESL Pro League
i only have one problem pansy
not just you, pansy got fat
fnatic vs Titan
rpk 2stronk4mouselifter
why cs source is better than go
best movie ever = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3hLnY2N7jw
ScreaM in Titan?
idd, its when they brought in the movement changes that scream struggled to adjust, but he's finding his feet again. best raw aimer around.
Atheists That Don't Believe in Gay Marriage, What Is Your Argument?
i have a friend who has 2 lesbian mothers, he's never met his dad before and frankly neither him or his twin brother are that bothered about meeting him. they have 2 parents who give them a happy life...
7K donation rofl
the thing is though is that you're looking at the extreme cases only, which are nowhere near as frequent as everyone else. those are cases where the people - i'll agree with you here - have fucking re...
7K donation rofl
that's one example. and i don't think i misinterpreted anything, it seems as though every counterargument someone presents to you causes you to worm around and change what you're saying. and it ...
Atheists That Don't Believe in Gay Marriage, What Is Your Argument?
a gay man can still have a child you know, his testicles don't suddenly decide "i'm a faggot i can't produce sperm", he can still impregnate a woman. just because he can't get it up for a woman doesn'...