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Does it feel good to be swiss HEEIIDIIII
Does it feel good to be swiss
Is this question the result of being butthurt?
Does it feel good to be swiss
Does it feel good to be swiss
is this the result of marijuana legalization?
Does it feel good to be swiss
it feels gud.
Collapse of Eastern Europe
Jesus fucking Christ... You wrote [ITALIC]"Communism is a western ideology imposed on Russia by the British Empire. Lenin was sent into Russia in a sealed train."[/ITALIC] making it sound lik...
Collapse of Eastern Europe
Who the fuck was speaking about Marx's origin? You claimed that it was the British empire that sent Lenin back to Russia by train, and that's simply FALSE since it was Germany and not the UK (with...
Collapse of Eastern Europe
Yes, it actually is. In modern societies people tend to focus more on fulfill their own "dreams" instead of "just" creating a family and living a simple family life. Beside that you have the pension s...
Collapse of Eastern Europe
Just out of interest: Are you wearing tin foil on your head right now?
Collapse of Eastern Europe
So? A low birth rate is actually a sign of wealth and a modern society, the poorer and less developed the country the higher the birth rate. Fertility rate and birth rate in Europe: http://en...
WP Germany
4 times in a row in the's about time they finally win that damn WC! HOPP Deutschland!
Lurppis on cLy
um, he doesn't have a German passport.
WP Germany
NiP vs compLexity
uhm, where do you see saucers in the american team? also...already 2.5 years passed, I don't think the game someone played 3 years ago matters anymore..
What did you NOT like about 1.6?
yeah because CS in general is very fast..