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First CS operation ever?
pay beck )))
The REAL CSGO Update we wanted
they fix stuff that doesn't need fixing, and leave stuff that need fixing undone. it isn't a surprise that the community backlashes to this when they're making the game more run and gun like cods with...
racism is subjective, so it's not surprising that people will have double standards
100 Thieves vs ENCE
i logged in just to say ez 4 renegades
Most fun games to play?
hello kitty island adventure
-mirage + new cache (soonTM)
Valve has a syndrome of "fixing" stuff what still works, so don't expect it to be better
jamppi wh
Well natu has a clanbase ban from 14 years ago and edmund had an esl wire ban 4 years ago according to liquipedia, but I'm pretty sure there's lots more finnish nonamers cheating since the game has go...
VW Scirocco
If the 1.4 engines resemble anything what they used to be in MK IV Golfs, steer clear of them. They had a very clever idea of overcomplicating the timing chain, it only drives power from crank to one ...
Transgenderism - very serious thread.
If you try to feed a carnivore with just vegan diet, it will become malnourished and at worst, die of starvation. It will not become a vegan just because their owners are, thousands of years of evolut...
I have "?"
ez for ence, a finnish esports organisation
I thought rap is dead
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsfnuyyjaB0 viper is best raper, no exceptions
1v4 against silver? Lol not hard Gnm/8
you have one (1) new notification(s)
Complexity vs Dignitas
maybe they actually choked
I saw dick today
but ence isn't that good