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800 dpi sens
0.6-8 kappa.
anyone here really, really good at another video game?
cod2 )
M4A4 | Dragon Slayer IN WORKSHOP!
If that's yours you should contact your attorney!
JW Finds out Volvo Nerfed CZ75
Hahah! Usually these are awful bad but this one is awesome :D Well done sire!
M4A4 | Dragon Slayer IN WORKSHOP!
Color pattern might be the same as Howls but that's it. I think Howl still is the coolest skin in the game but this one would rock the number one place immediately if added to the market. Job well...
2015 will be NIP year again
2nd in Katowice 1st in Cologne 2nd in DHW + 1st in DH Stockholm, 2nd SLTV, 1st in CPHG What a noobs :D
You are right X and MDMA aren't the same thing. Just remember if you've had X which contains say 200mg mdma and then you get powder of mdma and you take it 0,2g, it's a whole new dimension :p
5/5 would recommend for everyone to try it at least once. Not even joking.
True. Almost wrote a longer comment here explaining the difference between the real cods and the present but came to my senses. It's HLTV after all ) "cod, bf are for kids, its stupid games, where ...
Besides ono I thinks you are the only guy here who understands cod1/2/4 are the only cods for competitive gaming. The ones after these are made for public gaming. Nothing more. ps. cod4 is pretty b...
"back in" :D After cod4 each and everyone of them has been completely shit. Even cod4 was bad already. cod1 > cod2 > cod4 > ..............
Very nice!
found 2gramm black afghan
There you answered your own question mate :)
I guess he's trying to give some perspective to the usual 'Amsterdam' view.
Skadoodles cost iBP the whole game with 1 wrong step
Should've had 2 rifles at both sites and the awp floating around mid and ct :s They had to know fnatic had eco... Sad to see them throw the match with such mistake.