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new players and pita
well tell me how to dedicate enough to succeed at flick awp shots like kennyS no there is talent, just like f0rest who could be nearly pro in quake and who always had an amazing aim in both cs
f0rest > NEO
neo doesn't shine anymore but he is the key to the recent top1/2/3 virtus's placings... although concerning raw skill in CS:GO it is true that f0rest>no
m4a4 or m4a1,USP or P2000
nobody said it but if I often go for the m4a1-s is because of its lower price. Forced buys are easier 2900 + 650 (kev) ==> 3550$ so less famas
I declare my love to..
lol : "every single game recently" you mean the CPH final ? cauz before that match, he was on top every games
Best rappers in your country..
dominique strauss-kahn
Changes in NiP after Cph?
lol do you realise they won the LAN anyway ? over VP, over LDLC, over Dignitas, over Titan. Just look at the hype the got back from that victory shit thread
f0rest vs shoxie
How could she get aids with cream in her ass ? You are weird sir ;p
maybe cauz you are just an asshole and you get reported every single game for abusive communication & stuffs I played 3 games in a row with and against you with 2 premades and we reported you every...
NiP player colors
troll ?
NiP wallpaper
yeah "deeeeep" :p
TiTAN vs NiP de_nuke Lower BombSite Execution
NiP and Titan future changes
This is useless, Those two guys are maybe not top fragers superstars but imo, they are the two most important key member in their respective teams These two lineups haven't almost changed for a ye...
the new gtx 750 ./ti
Tweeday's Movie Review
The "DREAM" was to beat verygames ofc ! who cares about winning 50k$ more and win the whole tournament But yeah, just a line or a quote or a "OFF Anders" voice commenting the last round on train...