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new pc for 144 warzone
i dont see a problem aswell but i really like the benefit of an atx board like the asthetics the space and so on. The itself is totally fine.
new pc for 144 warzone
i wouldnt take a micro atx board
Your current PC specs
ryzen 5 3600 rtx 2070 16gb ddr4 3200mhz
Apple Watch 6
I only bought the new Ipad 8 today for my Sister. Will Probably buy myself a new air or a pro later this year
it is after the first 5-6 spray bullets. they dont want a fixed pattern like in csgo
YOUR MOUSE U USE??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
glorious model o- za13 ec2-a
Zowie mouse for cs?
glorious model o- or o <3
Why do I rarely get 30+ kills in matches?
consistency over some high frag games in my opinion. when i used to play i was always like a bank. you could be sure i wouldnt outperform anybody but wouldnt disappoint either. i still like that play...
Why hate Pimp?
indeed. its totally fine how both talk, it just doesnt feel right to me which is just my preference. but im not hating on them
Why hate Pimp?
no its like how he overpronounces every word but as i said, i still think he is a nice dude.
Why hate Pimp?
actually most people who are being toxic towards him have nothing else in life, most trolls here are still in school, live at their parents home and didnt achieve anything in real life nor online in g...
I r8 your ak skin) Pretty common but still sick
I can still remember how i went to a store with my mum, i was 12 and she bought it for me after i explained her what it was. We didnt have a flat for the Internet connection back then so i bought myse...
I r8 your awp skin) Big Snake
rate my fragrances :PPPP
okay, somebody didnt get it... like a "frag" in cs... not as the "fra-grance" how it is pronounced....