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your 3 fav rappers
GTA San Andreas
Norway WTF?
IF true - this is totally unreasonable! Let's get real - she loves that man, period :)
Check out your network commands and see if rate is too small maybe, experiment with rate (you can set it up in MENU as connection speed). Experiment with interp_ratio 2. Try faceit and see if you have...
Most corrupt 1st world country
At 1st you might think it's just 2 chavs in a pub :) https://scontent.fotp3-3.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/68956353_10157496085504621_8485331986355847168_o.jpg?_nc_cat=104&_nc_oc=AQmvlUyZxRFeAZBPV3I6yUMAEbt...
Yeah it's all the more important to actually work this out, if being offended would heal this, it would be awesome :) - have you read on the topic of possible solutions from clinical research studies...
We need to help trans people (suicide rate, mental disorsers, social stigma etc) and unfortunately redefining norms to fit everything doesn't actually take care of the issue, instead just brushes it u...
That is great advice, don't look for said woman, let her come to you - girls choose you anyway, before you chose her. Just do you thing and take care of your hygene. Cheers
I guess your age
Very close (30) Cheers :)
I guess your age
-1.87 m -now I don't have 1 fav, but I liked some during the years: Eolithic, Reason Gaming, NiP, and others. -Rock and Retrowave/Synth- -Morrowind / Witcher 3
That is good, I have been doing the following split: Sun - Squat | Deadlift | incline walk Mon - Chest | Arms | abs | Rowing (Bro Day) Wed - Functional Cardio with partner | abs Fri - Shoulders | upp...
Israel is a cool country
Our countries have good relationships, here's hoping for a better future for Jerusalem :)
1024x768 OR 1280x960 stretched?
29.97 fps is all you ever need to get pro :D
im fit af
I rowed 10 K on Concept 2 in around 60 min,I'm low+ fit :P
Does Philosophy and Science oppose each other?
Both the scientific method and philosophies can be valuable tools in your belt. This is like the science vs religion argument, philosophy and science are completely different angles even on similar is...
Murica Police
I agree that law enforcement training is important and if poorly done, or not implemented properly can cause way more harm than, when for instance, I make a mistake in a line of code :P