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Well probably something fucked up in your windows installation. Either drivers, or something wrong with USB port. Easiest workaround is playing with raw_input on anyways, which is better than off. ...
On 0 i feel more sharp = placebo. Use m_rawinput, its better anyways. Maybe apply mousefix. Set mouse HZ to 500 or 1000. When did you get the delay problem? From the start with new mouse? After...
120/140hz screen
Yes that's the one
120/140hz screen
This monitor also has a TN panel. So, your colours will not be worse compared to what you have now.
120/140hz screen
Which monitor do you have now? If its also some TN panel than you won't notice the difference. If you currently have a IPS/VA type panel, yes it will be a step backwards unless you buy the Eizo. Th...
120/140hz screen
If you want to have nice looking colours and good contrast with 120/140hz than you have to buy the Eizo Foris. Read this:
Krimz just tweeted gg
Fnatic should hire Fifflaren for a workshop: how to handle community trash talking like a pro.
What need for up rank?Valve kidding
Win multiple times versus higher ranked players and you go rank up. Even when you are not number 1 on the scoreboard. Thats my personal experience.
Because getting depressed does not depend just on external variables such as your job, girlfriend and pet and how happy you are with them. Nevertheless they can all have an influence on why you dev...
Personally I feel it is strange that so little is spoken about it in high school. They educate you about drugs, smoking, sex but no word about depression (or other mental disorders/illness for that ma...
Most Hatet Country
I agree on that. I hold no grudge against germans and thats not even 100 years ago.
Most Hatet Country
From the little history I know, Japan and China have had their wars with each other. So, I think that Japan is only unpopulair amongst Chinese... but there are a lot of Chinese people.
Most Hatet Country
I would have expected someone to say it earlier as well. But I suppose most of the replies just considered the countries which are more or less in their own geographical region. Just found a survey...
Most Hatet Country
Israel (Disliked by many muslim countries) USA (Disliked by many muslim countries) Iran (Disliked by Western countries) Japan (Disliked by China) North Korea (Don't know anyone who likes them) Ru...
Idling for drops using multiple accounts and just one pc.[tutorial]
Virtualization FTW, I am curious, not to idle myself but to know what software/techniques you used.