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Most carried players in history of cs;
They literally went on to win 6 tournaments in a row without pronax, and had some shaky performances, because their best player got injured, and when he came back they became second in a big tournamen...
Poles are not racist, they are just smarter than France when it comes to immigration.
s1mple destroyed Na'Vi?
They were only consistently top2 in the world. I guess everyone could do that.
Build your superteam
Dev1ce - awp NiKo - entry flusha - Lurk xyp9x - support Neo - IGL
I guess your rank
Favorite Team - Fnatic Favorite Player - JW Age - 24 hours in csgo - 6500 Country - Denmark Sens+dpi - 2.4 / 400 / windows 6/11 Mouse - ZOWIE GEAR EC2-A
People just want to be special all the time. I am 0.1% Zimbabwe, but I have grown up in Denmark, and never been to Zimbabwe, please give me their flag though, because I am a special snowflake.
So annoying when they give Syken a Vietnamese flag or some shit, even though he has grown up in another country
Your top 5 favorite teams?
1. FaZe (Fan of innovation) 2. Dignitas (Danish + like their players) 3. SK (FalleN best IGL) 4. VP (Oldschool + Poland vs the world) 5. NIP (f0rest + GTR oldschool)
Make a Danish Superteam!
Xyp9x - support/anchor Dev1ce - awp Glaive - IGL Valde - rifler k0nfig - rifler
Dannish dream Team
k0nfig - rifler dev1ce - allround xyp9x - support valde - rifler karrigan - IGL & allround
hottest girl country ?
hottest girl country ?
I prefer latin women, but every time I see an extremely hot white woman she is from eastern Europe, and more than not they are from Ukraine. So it seems like Ukraine overall seem to have the hott...
The ''Super Team''
flusha krimz rain niko Olofmeister Threat as IGL and coach.
Tell me your favourite Pro - Player and I'll guess your rank
fucked my best friends gf