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trust me no one is cheating if you dont trust not my problem

shoxieJESUS cbble dust2 cache train inferno re: flusha

flushaMAD cache-ko1n cache-old inferno-old dust2-old mirage-old inferno-1tick

k0nfig cache

Kjaerbye overpass inferno @7s after kill, cache overpass 2 dust2

Edward @17s, overpass @14s & 15s, cbble overpass2

Oskar mirage

Byali cache-old cache-new cbble train *trigger warning*: DAN M

TACO mirage

FNX overpass nuke

Fallen train mirage cbble-new cbble-old

dev1ce dust2 re: fnatic 2015

niko inferno dust2 train @ 16s

kioshima re: state of 2016

KQLY, SF, & APEX timestamps in comments

it's suffice to say that I believe every single top team has multiple players cheating for them at major LANs. singling out certain players as clean or dirty is an exercise in futility at this point-- the whole scene is dirty. and you can no longer place blame on the individual cheaters, but instead Valve and the regulating bodies such as tournament hosts and leagues, for the egregious failure in protecting the integrity of competition at the top, which has cultivated an environment where you cannot even compete, let alone succeed, unless you are on the gear.
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