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[18+] Mens Grooming
Coated pills
i d say it s more likely it s the drug itself that makes you dizzy since it s the first time you take it.
Dlore giveaway if astralis wins the major
Frankie is shit
she s cute af idc
Your phone?
samsung s7. i got it for 300 euros a year ago. love the screen i kinda abused the battery and it only lasts 3-4 hrs sot now for some reason some not so intensive games run laggy but it s a non issue ...
Looking for car
Octavia mk2 vrs 2.0 tsi is interesting or even the diesel version
The Ultimate CS:GO Quiz
1. styko zero queztone oskar ange1 2. shroud n0thing skadoodle seangares hiko 3. you could see through a wall in t spawn from that position 4. ence nip mouz faze 5. 21st august 2012 6. s1mple 7. pasha...
Iphone haters
lol. "class" I agree that smartphones are becoming fashion accessories though. and actually the iphone has the fastest processor on the market.
HLTV Usernames you remember
mouz g1g1n
gas/petrol price at your place ???
expensive af :/ standard diesel 1.3/liter
Fornite haters come here
i used to play it, now it s shit with a ton of terrible updates. imo
make sure you re on the last update since the first android 8 builds have horrible battery life when using data(check how much battery 'cell standby' is using). I had this issue with my s7 when it fir...
I7 7700/8700 users
If you really have hardware acceleration off, turn it on, that s your issue. Hardware acceleration is using your gpu instead of your cpu.
get right and dennis
my thoughts
6000 euro car (EU)
You can get a really nice 1.9 TDI(or 2.0 eventually) golf mk5 or octavia mk2 for 4.5k and keep the rest for the costs(maybe winter tires, distribution kit, filters, clutch kit, turbo reconditioning, e...