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thorin toxic tweets to NA
Profile rank lvl 2 drop?
it's a major, but not valve supported
Ex6TenZ is the best IGL
thanks, now my brain hurts
White guys: Would you date a black girl?
I have dated a couple, they're the same as other girls.
how many hours?
Over 9000
any advanced lifters?
Yeah you're definitely British.
NoFap when in relationship
The difference between wanting to cheat and actually cheating is massive. Everybody wants to have sex with other people sometimes, what matters is controlling yourself enough not to.
So my girlfriend is cheating on me..
This kind of terrible advice will leave you in sexless, loveless marriages. The reason why she cheated is because she wanted to fuck somebody else, pretty obvious. I have zero respect for anybody who ...
So my girlfriend is cheating on me..
Sucks that she's not who you thought she was. Break up quietly, pick up your stuff from hers though. Don't talk, don't make a scene. Pick up your stuff, tell her it's over, if she asks why just say "y...
Workout for losing fat? serious help only pls
bs (bro-science or bullshit, whichever you prefer)
NiP forced KQLY to start cheating
Pretty sure that anybody who cares enough about grammar to correct others is happy to learn more about it.
German language
Yeah this is really good advice. That way you learn the German that people actually speak instead of terrible textbook examples. Maybe get into a German band and try to get the lyrics, everything help...
NiP forced KQLY to start cheating
this the 'is' refers to the 'one' and 'are one' is obviously false
NiP forced KQLY to start cheating
OSX Mouse lag
I play on a MBP, I'd definitely recommend bootcamp for many reasons. That being said there is an that worked for me a couple years ago: https://github.com/docwhat/killmouseaccel