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Best English?
This is easy. Countries with a weak native language are more likely to have a good level of english because of the TV and cinemas. In nordic countries if you go to the cinema or you wanna watch americ...
tv series help :(
1st is The Wire for sure!
Pizza vs Kebab
that sucks! Paella best and healthier
Bundes > EPL
Ofc they can. But they are not consistent in europe. I remember teams like valencia, villareal, malaga going into the final,semifinal and quarterfinal of UCL at least one time in the last 10 Years. I...
Bundes > EPL
Yeah. That is something we already know. English know how to sell their league better than us. ( cheaper tickets to go to the stadium, cup with just 1 leg, supercup with just 1 leg, good TV product et...
Chelsea vs City
Ok, could be weaker than last year, but dude, in your post you write " barcelona is probably the most solid team out of the top european ones at the moment" Come on, they barely beat Apoel in Camp ...
Bundes > EPL
Lots of people think EPL is the best league just because there are 5 teams that can win the trophy but please. Apart from those teams, the others don't know how to play football. I bet a mid team in S...
Chelsea vs City
Weak team when Madrid destroy them. But great team when Chelsea lose 2 times last season with them. Please, it's just the beginning of the season.
Chelsea vs City
Who cares about 602 million debt when u earn each year +500 mill? If it is necessary Real can pay all the debt in less than 2 years
Bundes > EPL
La Liga > Premier League > Bundes Real madrid - UCL champions Sevilla - Europa League champions EZ
Chelsea vs City
"Best team in the world" Don't make me laugh. The european champion send his regards! Hala Madrid!
mousesports vs OverGaming
Overgaming what a noobs! After the servers VETO, (UK server), they change the server to Germany because of bad pings on mouz players. In german server, all mouz players with better ping than overga...
They were.... but hey, we have celebrated 10 times. Not bad uh!?
We don't care about La Liga. We are a team made to dominate Europe.It is in our DNA For me Atletico and Barça can win La liga every year if we win the Champions
Last season we started the season even worse. Should I remind you how the last season finished?.