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R.I.P New York !
1500m above ground nt
If you have ReportBot
it is. only in game (during the match) reports counts to send demo to overwatch
ty bro
[x] nickname [x] flag [x] fan icon you would have been dumbest person in the world if you had predicted anything else xd
member 2014?
gimme more memberberries
2017 Major Graffiti (YOU CHOOSE)
Well, can agree with that, not the best choice for a graffiti. But impactful 200%
2017 Major Graffiti (YOU CHOOSE)
Trust me, that pause was game changing. Zeus is among few rare people who can find correct words in correct situation to put together shit when it's falling apart. Not by screaming or default 'we gonn...
grafiti worth moments?
so what so special about he 'did it on major'? he didn't invent that nade, he didn't risk throwing it.. I'm praising X GOD 24/7 but it was just a funny moment, not graffiti worth nor 200 buzzillion IQ...
grafiti worth moments?
I'm picking Dosia aka X GOD in any situation
grafiti worth moments?
gtr did that nade in 2015?
Age - Reaction time
Generally, hitting d2 doors is not that hard - you just need to react & click, but with crosshair placed to the left side of the gap. Placed to the center like Oskar did is insane. And I personally d...
Age - Reaction time
Hard to say from video, but that shot is somewhat below 130ms, insane shit Oo Regarding humanbenchmark - it's score is slower than other benchmarks for 10-20ms just by design flaws
Age - Reaction time
nice score bro, mine http://i.imgur.com/pRdzPJo.png but I personally don't like humanbenchmark, it's too lame and scoreboard full of cheaters
Age - Reaction time
cmon show me ur luck http://ifastest.ru/ http://aim400kg.ru/pr/ it will reset the whole game each time you fail ur prefire