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Ban me pls, I want to leave.
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Grenades binds
I main the XM1014, 2 flashes, a incenderary and a smoke. No need to.
5 Flashes You've Never Seen Before - Cache
Why the fuck would you start your video by screaming into the microphone. Chill the fuck out
Steelseries Rival 500 vs Logitech G Pro
Yeah and? Put a bag of shit in the fridge and that'll last you 2.5 years easily.
G2 should try this
Yea just do the Navi trick. It definitely worked well for them.
I don't like IMT shouting at their opponents at every lan but I don't complain about it like a lil' bitch every chance I get and I don't see other teams complaining about it. I understand they might b...
Fallen vs KennyS?
That's actually pretty funny.
Fallen vs KennyS?
Gets an answer Whines Jen the drilled
1024 x 768
That depends more on your actual sensitivity than your resolution. I played a long time with 4 sens on 400dpi but I switched to 800dpi. It skipped pixels a little but it didn't affect gameplay in any ...
Wide screen do you use 16/9 or 16/10
You can move the radar tho
Explain This
He thought he threw the flash and started to move his mouse back down. That is all there is to this one clip.
twistzz GF retaded????
+++ But I guess that's just how stupid the CS community is... Markeloff has been playing CS for well over 10+ years, he doesn't give a fuck so why should you? He's heard it all before. I hope y'all f...
Didn't know that's a thing
Fucking HLTV seriously. Just read these fucking comments mods, its not going to change. Time to erase the forums altogether.
And a massive dick.
Juho? Just... no.