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JamesBardolph and DAN should cast the major
Tosspot to cast :)
People that believe in ghosts
Fasting is easy. :)
but im not an arab :) Im english
Im muslim Im not a terrorist Im not an arab Im having no intention to kill Im having no evil thoughts Im friendly Im happy Im fair Im 'equal' Im Human
f0rest has kid?
seems legit
RiP Saudi Arabia
Wales - known for goat sex and columbia / south american countries haha
Religion? I will roast you
someone just graduated from high school "Religious studies"
problem with girl
Shes a muslim?
think of it this way. If she didn't go home to his house, it wouldn't of happened... she was drunk in public with a stranger she offered herself too and claimed rape. thats the truth behind t...
There are many gay and lesbian individuals here. They dont bother anyone, no one bothers them. live your life private as you should, as normal :)
No hijab, no punishment? why, because its freedom of religion. homos? left alone unless they are caught in the act in public..
radical islam
very true. People feel safer believing in fair tale life where as, others are awake to dirt going on.
haha if youve never been here, dont criticize it. its a very fair country actually. never get yourself carried away with media too much :) Ask people who live here first
radical islam
alot of people do.. why isnt it believable? is life perfect? is every nation perfect? isnt there mass corruption below the government? why wouldnt there be in and above the government? ...
its not actually. Its very clean, peaceful and happy place. very little crime. Those who cross the line get punished (Law). Globally you have laws, globally you dont get away with any crim...