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Astralis vs NiP
I'm sure they've had more BO3s against C9, but yeah, often it's been BO1s too. Just saying, they never seem to get any of the other high tier teams, let alone early. If they get them at all, it's o...
Astralis vs NiP
True, true.
Astralis vs NiP
Ok, I will trust you this one time. By the way, ELEAGUE was the first major Astralis won and the first NiP didn't attend. Go figure.
Astralis vs NiP
Can someone seriously run the statistics on how many times NiP have played the same matchups in their tournament runs? This shit goes all the way back, they hardly ever face anyone else. Always get fa...
NiP vs Cloud9
How many times has C9 beat NiP in BO3? Like, ever. vs Gambit
VP picked into cbble to throw. They want to kick out fnatic in the loser finale.
Epsilon vs Envy
Still can't believe Envy and G2 actually set all these roster changes before the major. How retarded are they? They should have only begun any such talks after it. Now their mindset is heavily affecte...
Fox' SK debut
Kicking fnx marks the beginning of SK's rapid descent from a consistent TOP5 team to another team hopping around the TOP10 struggling to find identity and consistency again. Calling it now.
Possible SK new players
>kick fnx for the major >realize felps cannot play for them in the major >"Oh..." FalleN brilliant tactician. I mean, seriously, who the fuck do they think they can perform better with that is no...
Astralis vs SK
Phones literally on tables again? ESL on top of anti-cheating measures. Can't even maintain the most simple guidelines. Absolute joke.
mousesports vs OpTic
That smoke bounce has me laffin'.
Thoughts on ESL NY?
Great tournament. It felt like proper competition and CS throughout, the playoffs obviously getting very exciting. VP/SK and VP/Na´Vi were some of the most memorable matches of this year. That said...
SK vs
It's always great when these giants clash.
I miss Fnatic
I wouldn't say "joke", but you are right: the current TOP5 (and all the more so TOP10) is a construction site. There is not a single "complete" team besides SK right now that has their roles and struc...
I miss Fnatic
I'm glad SK and fnatic did meet in fnatic's prime. Wonderful final In Katowice. Still disappointed Liquid won over fnatic in Cologne. That would have been another great SK vs. fnatic finale. Los...