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Good Jobs have better salaries in US, that’s true. In norway the CEO makes maybe 30-50% more than all the workers, while in the US they might double or triple the workers salaries. But average joe wou...
top 10 players of all time GO ONLY
Where is NiKo and S1mple? The two best players to ever touch this game
Europeans come here
S1mple or Dev1ce?
It is
BMW 320i F30 for 14000€
Because diesel is for noobies
SWE, DK, NOR are atheist?
The most developed countries are not very religious, but they still know they have to treat people with respect. Imo it seems religious countries are the worst in terms of serious crimes like murder a...
SWE, DK, NOR are atheist?
Yeah because of money.
SWE, DK, NOR are atheist?
Cold af
SWE, DK, NOR are atheist?
I saw this on TV, not sure if accurate, but they said around 9% of norwegian people are religious. Dunno if they included immigrants, probably not. But yeah, we’re mostly atheists.
help with Games plz
Haven’t played the latest one, but i played the previous. It’s a good game, but the story isn’t anywhere near the Ezio-games. Or do you think otherwise?
help with Games plz
Assassins creed Red Dead Redemption Horizon zero dawn Uncharted These are the best games in my opinion, but they ruined assassins creed after Black Flag though, so I only recommend 1, 2, brotherhood,...
"KennyS is overrated"
S1mple is the greatest of all time, no doubt. Maybe NiKo 2nd (I’m talking individual skill)
top 3 eu vacation country
Wait what, druuugs?????
You still playing Danger Zone?
Played twice, boring af