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Slovaks so bad
You came in expecting them to win over Germany ? The guys who put your whole country to shame two years ago. Cant be serious.
LegendaryLea Exposed
Permabanned from Twitch. Cya hoe.
Nip fanboys in the crowd
Peoples complain the crowd is boring. Next the crowd is finally cheering but they are all fanboys After they are annoying and you wish they shut up again.
Natus Vincere vs TYLOO
It was obviously a bait from Edward to let Zeus go forward with Mag-7 Kappa
Worst country to live?
Its funny its called Swedistan when we have more immigrants from Poland and Serbia than Pakistan.
Why are you guys so quiet now?
Fanboy spotted. Its 1-1. Hold your pants. When the third map is decided you can jump around like the monkey you are cheering for EU downfall.
Lirik best streamer NA
Summit fanboys running in the thread in. 1....2....3 fuck they already started coming in.
LG throwing or toggling?
I mean why would they fly over the whole continent of the world just to lose a lan. Doesnt make sense to me at all. Just waste of resources.
Mouz just Lucky
So every map of 1 at the major didnt count aswell by your logic.
If gay means holding a company worth billions then sure its gay.
flamie underrated?
I remember when maikelele and Delpan had a rant about him having a vac account. Now hes out here in major finales and Delpan is nowhere to be found and Emilio is vac banned for cheating. lmao ...
Why be mad at Scream tho lol. They wanted him to do it. Blame MLG for posting it over and over.
its the first map. I swear you kids patience is so weak.
Europe All-Stars vs Americas All-Stars
So if Simple are playing will he be on the NA or EU all star team.
Yes im mad good pussy going to waste. Her room prolly smell like cum and vaseline when her brothers ram her like a horse.