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for denmark you put "astralis" but for sweden you write out the exact lineup of fnatic instead of putting "fnatic"? xD
Why would they change language? it's 5 french ppl O.o
Buying GTR stickers 200 IQ?
Well by that logic Ence should be irrelevant cause they didn't win the last event they attended, only liquid is relevant...
the NEO of CS:GO
shox is probably the only one who has a chance at that, GTR and Neo are not good enough for tier 1 anymore, f0rest is on a team he won't leave that only uses swedish players and won't trade with the o...
the NEO of CS:GO
Heard of a little player called HUNDEN?
I'm guessing he's talking about HeatoN as he was one of the owners in NiP and Fifflaren has exposed the org from that time when Heaton was an importan figure within the org...
The NiP Drama TLDR
There's only short clips from it
The NiP Drama TLDR
Ty, where can I see/listen to it?
The NiP Drama TLDR
Where is all of this coming from? source? O.o
[+18) Hottest Woman
I mean she's clearly a 10 but I wouldn't say she's the hottest on the planet, she has some parts that are not perfect and since there should be like 3 billion women on the planet at least someone of t...
S1mple sindrom
There will always be little toxic people no matter how the pros act, I highly doubt some young kid is like "Oh S1mple is toxic af, I wanna be that too"
i fix any team
I mean yeah to some degree but probably less and less since ppl don't wanna buy merge from someone that sucks...
i fix any team
How are you supposed to fix it when GTR is the biggest problem?