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Who are you in game?
Exactly :D It's weird because I used to have to play those ranks back in the day to be able to play with friends. And they were complete garbage. Not sure if ranks need to be re-adjusted or not tbh. A...
Who are you in game?
I played MM a bit, global since like 2014. But after a year not touching the game, first rank was Double AK wtf XD. I'm DMG now, but yeah I deserve this right now rank because I'm inconsistent I guess...
Who are you in game?
Yeah, being used to play 128t... MM irritates me. WHat rank are you, mate?
Who are you in game?
It also feels like spraying is the best way to play in MM. It feels like my bursts go nowhere XD I'll do fine on retake servs, play exactly the same in MM, paint the walls red and see (30 in 1) ??
Who are you in game?
Yeah I guess, it seems people are on skateboards in MM.
Who are you in game?
I mostly played pugs with friends or pracs. So going to MM after a one year pause feels like a complete different game and I feel like I don't even have time to react to people peeking me while I'm on...
Who are you in game?
4- when I see my team can't win just by pulling individual plays. Most of the time it's useless because nobody listens. I put too much hope on my team to do something decent. Asking for a flash, aski...
what's ur sens?
Mainly used 0.95 @ 800 dpi But since 2017 I've used 1.125 as well as 1.5, same DPI. I play CS less and it is uncomfortable playing with low sens on most games. (yes 55cm/360 is considered low for mos...
Manlets come
Have a manly attitude, hit the gym, grow a beard, have a good hairstyle, great clothes. You'll notice change. Even tall men can be manlets through their attitude. Yes, I'm taller than the average in ...
dead girl found
Not sure this is worth exposing. Let the girl have her peace.
Your ally?
Best beard of CSGO?
It fits him, though I'd like to see something longer.
Best beard of CSGO?
When it's groomed yeah. The biggest one for sure, and it's good looking.
gla1ve rant
Not everybody has the same strength and weakness. His is being smart and he knows he is more likely to win games by letting people who have great aim as their main strength. That's winning with his b...
Ha bah, j'ai juste le nom d'un personnage historique :D