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Ar 15 or Glock 34
He's going to waste the fish in the lab.
brother met a racist in USA
It happens. Stupid people should not be able to talk, free speech doesn't mean someone should be disrespectful especially with her blind hate and complete ignorance. He should remember good things, n...
brother met a racist in USA
Shitty people everywhere. If your brother is respectful and a hard worker, then he deserves good treatment and even nationality if he remains dedicated for years. Better this than refugees!
Russian women
Why not 18/18/18?
Today Lithuania is 100 years old
Thanks, I don't need to be the one posting this.
UK Acid attacks!!
Country with no rules where you can get killed savagely over nothing?
1k hour achievements
That's the thing, once you get the aim - you don't need to worry about it anymore. Just warm ups. Rest is better once your movement and aim are as good as they can be
I don't think we lack space. There's plenty of it. We can do vertical agriculture and create steaks out of no living being, making it faster and more abundant
China could definitely make it. Africa only with the help of France. Natural selection will happen and only the most adaptive and advanced peoples will survive. The weak will die in any country though...
Right, you're going to defend yourself against tyranny. The army would blow any rebellion off the face of the Earth. Difference in technology makes it that way. Do you not see the danger of having mi...
What is wrong with 'muricans?
Education not good enough, weapons too easy to get, no monitoring of the schools and "social" classes, no psychological check ups. Boom. People who contest those gun restrictions must not have child...
Something can easily fix the food problem. Greenhouses, simulated environment. Many countries won't have but I believe they can be set up quickly here. A lot of people will die but we've survived ma...
Videos I've seen proved otherwise. A country of mostly incompetent conditionned robots led by a rich minority. Yet some woman can get beat up to death in public while people ignore or just watch it ha...
relevant video school shooting
Worse? It's harder for people to get close and personal and actually insert a blade into someone's body... or beat them to death with their fists.
Yeah because every muslim rapes here. I live around a major city, lived in a "hot" neighborhood for most of my life, never anyone around me had rape issues with them. It's just as much with anyone. W...