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Ahhhh so that’s why he apologised
gotten/got [your opinion]
Gotten is not "proper" english in my books. I wouldn't use it.
Give the dude a break it’s his first big semi final playing against a much higher ranked team. Of course he’s going to be a little inconsistent
valve dummy?
You deserve 20fps
People complaining about the update
Molotov update cool?
CT will just have to use smokes to extinguish them early now.
english native speakers come
It’s only annoying when I work with people who have lived in Australia for 10+ years and I STILL can’t understand them because they are lazy or don’t give a fuck.
Give me tattoo ideas
+1 phone autocorrected
Give me tattoo ideas
I’d go bigger first man. I got a tattoo around the side of my palm for my first and I wish I got something bigger. I still love it but it just looks small. Recently spent 2k on two full day sessions t...
Give me tattoo ideas
Why wouldn’t you? I have 4 large tattoos (around the side of a dinner plate) and nothing can be seen when wearing shorts + tshirt
Your keyboard looks like it’s made for midgets on that mousepad
ScreaM haters?
Once he joins a team and proves himself? You been saying that line since 2016 bud?
cloud II users come here
ew 7.1 sounds terrible for cs/gaming
Do you eat pork?
Yeah it needs a good home with responsible parents and private education
Dual Monitor HZ problem
I’m using windows 10 with 1 144hx and my shit one on 60hz just gotta change it in Nvidia settings and make the gaming one your primary