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MiBR undeserved place at FACEIT Majors 2018
That’s what happens in competitions all the time End of the day it doesn’t matter if you came 2nd - 16th
Peak viewers in this Major
You can get cases from twitch..
History of German CS
Probably but there was a cs movie with the same name. It came out early 1.5.
Astralis fan overdoses on drugs
I think you need to reread what I wrote.
how to sleep 8 hours straight
Use more energy during the day and you’ll sleep like a baby. If you want to test. Go to your backyard and dig a hole 3mx3m and 2m deep. It’ll take you about 8-10 hours and you’ll sleep for 14 after
History of Virtus.Pro RU
I can’t even remember. I thought he was rifled and f1_n was awper? It was too long ago my friend
History of German CS
Germany had some amazing players. I remember watching the cs movie “adrenaline” and adrenaline 2.. first time I saw gore and I was amazed mouz levicom GeForce | gore nis
Astralis fan overdoses on drugs
Taking drugs at a festival =/= drug addiction
History of Virtus.Pro RU
Lex was an absolute beast
Ugliest pro?
Mate hobbit is a fuckin babe I dunno what you’re looking at
Fornite haters come here
like the guy above. your replies tell otherwise.
Fornite haters come here
You’re just as bad as the people hating on it. You’re sitting here trying to defend it. Just play what you wanna play who gives a fuck if people do or don’t like it.
coL haters
coL been playing well leading up to the major people just don’t pay attention
Pala interviews
pala talks like hes splitting up sentences while asking lots of questions for some reason it tilts me a lot