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Who is C9 fifth player cuz they have only 10 days to Cologne
How did u learn English?
Never start a sentence with "and" Maybe it is you who should go back to school
Scream to C9
Scream is worse than a lot of players they could get from USA. Stupid move
SO is xxxtentacion dead or no?
That is fucking HEAPS.
Top cs:go scenes atm
Australia have 3 players rofl no way we are 7th
olofmeister didn't celebrate FaZe's win at yesterday
Obviously he has other shit to deal with. He doesn’t even want to be playing cs right now. He’s probably in two minds about faze too. Knowing he’s letting them down and feeling guilty but happy they a...
I'm scared of cancer
From memory in developed counties it’s 1 on 3. That’s a 33% chance of getting it. I’d take those odds to the bank any day. Life your life and worry about that shit when it actually happens or it’ll r...
Fuck all of you haters
It’s just teenagers on the internet. IRL they are very respectful and wouldn’t say a bad word around their mummy and daddy
"Rape is never okay"
I can’t look or it’s not a surprise. Just charge in at full speed
1.6 Tbit/s Dreamhack World Record
Here in Australia we’re lucky if we get 50mbps. Fucking trash internet
"Rape is never okay"
I prefer the term “surprise sex”
Nice try
Why are you all mad about the greatest country?
There’s no need for insults in a discussion my friend. Maybe they should teach you that in school. You’re welcome to believe what the American history books tell you if you want. It doesn’t bother m...
Why are you all mad about the greatest country?
History shows that USA only intervene when there’s something in it for them. Wether it be trade, stealing oil, or controlling a treat to them. They want to be seen as the morally correct world leader...
Who is winning WORLD CUP 2018
Ez Australia