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-xizt wtf
Why do you feel bad? Xizt is getting the recognition outside of being an IGL, he gets to show everyone what he is made of and gets paid for it, better than sitting at home waiting for an offer or the ...
SCARZ Absolute vs Kings
Dream TEAM
Sick is entry why the fuck would they pick him up? edit: also nifty is an awper, ryx, roca is meh brehze not experienced enough.
RNG Jaywalkingz
Its the other way around, Woxic plays like a high sens mm retard, Issa actually gets shit done, his stats are better than woxic
CLG Red vs Frigid
Clearly you didn't go to college because you don't know your 'than' from your then.
I am Australian AMA
I would too and Im from Australia
I am Australian AMA
yeah its selling fast
I am Australian AMA
Depends where you live, but overall its average. Not too expensive, not too cheap. But everything imported is overly expensive because we live in narnia
I am Australian AMA
A short
I am Australian AMA
we dont call it a shrimp, its a prawn
I am Australian AMA
Its not that bad, it depends where you live. I live in a new building estate in Melbourne and I rarely see spiders even near my house, they are usually insanely tiny if they are close. But if you live...
Greedy Bankers in the earlier days were always Jews, it was a jewish system. The central bank is also owned by jews and most of the major corporations are jewish run.
Israel Palestine
12,677 viewers
super early in the rest of the world.
Are SK unbeatable?
it was a bo1 against both Fnatic and SK and it was close games. In a bo3 I garantee you that g2 would win.