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I pronounce anything in ur language
Yugoslavia - The Whole Truth
i didn't know you were a comrade
I'm communist
lol calculation problem in 2016 pls there were studies of market equilibrium prices in DDR and BRD and DDR prices were closer to market equilibrium for one
I'm communist
that's subjectivist idealism :-) from one trotsky-sympathizer to a trotskyist
Communism vs Capitism
"The DPRK sends a message of fraternal solidarity to the people's forces of TyLoo currently combating the imperialist running dogs of Liquid. The DPRK, likewise, is involved in a stage of peaceful con...
Communism vs Capitism
"A Victory for TyLoo is a Victory for the International Working Class in the Construction of Communism; Death to the Dogs of Yankee Imperialism Including the Puppet Army of Liquid" ~ Mao Tse-tung
LG is SA
"Brazilian descent"? They're Brazilian citizens
blacks are X times more likely to be incarcerated for committing a comparable crime to whites, receive X percent less in income on average compared to whites with similar skills and education, are X t...
old nihilum line-up
semphis autimatic hiko valens sancz
I need to read more? Talk about a complete lack of self-awareness. Despite what Kautsky may have said, socialism has nothing to do with state involvement in the economy. And despite Bernstein said, so...
inb4 HLTV deletes this thread but not the 'Genocide' one Not that it means anything, but if it'll motivate people to read this post, let me state that I'm an undergraduate at Harvard University. I ...
hltv IQ
Best nationalistic song about your country? here
Best nationalistic song about your country?
You'll Never Beat the Irish: The Ballad Of Billy Reid: Man From the Daily Mail:
India vs Palestine
Shahz is Paki