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Worst Sport?
yeah not a big fan of golf either. In cricket i have so little of an idea about whats going on, that i cant judge if its boring or not.
Worst Sport?
This answer is actually legit. Baseball seems super boring
Waking up early, going to school. Doesnt sound like good times to me.
"I miss old pokémon games" "fav mega?" DansGame Favorite gen depends if you talk about games or the pokemon themself. The gen 1 pokemon are the best, Gold and Silver where the best games, the remakes...
[+15] R8 BR Hottest actress atm
nah m9, she had operated new lips on for that picture and then got the old ones back after
hltv doesnt put teams anywhere, teams earn points by playing events and have their ranking based on those points
Is Europe done? (POLL)
You probably should understand what yes and no means before posting polls.
Why Europe is fucked
America dont live and die under their goverment, they live and die under corporations
Thorin tweet about women cs
Atleast in soccer there is a biological reason that they are worse. I dont believe there is one for being worse in CS
Thorin tweet about women cs
Im sure they can play in the qualifiers, like teams like envy, gambit and heroic do all the time
3rd world countries in europe
3rd world countries in europe
You are just proving his point.
S1mple dumbest player in history
No one ever called him the smartest man alive. Also you are not in a position to judge other peoples intellect if you decide that making a thread on hltv is a good idea
colds mum cam
Not sure if you noticed, but they are showing the game
Danes come here
On a website that is only focused on cs?