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Are you intelligent or not?
Honestly, I think he did. Intelligence is useless to think about. You won't see a bigger group of losers than at a Mensa convention. Just set realistic goals and work towards them.
Watch out, apparently his family works in politics so he has an idea of what is going on behind the curtains.
Election US
Presidential candidates historically
Election US
It's hilarious how many people think the election was rigged for Biden when Trump literally tried to slow down the mail to prevent mail in votes.
Election US
Trump has the highest approval rating among Republicans of any candidate ever, so it's not surprising he inspires more turnout than polls predict. He definitely tried to suppress mail in voting, but...
Why vote Trump?
Trump voters are heavily narrative-driven and are very susceptible to confirmation bias. That means that they'll vote for a candidate who is reinforcing ideas they have (such as the repudiation of pro...
Trump the sore loser
He's most likely going to lose Georgia and Pennsylvania. The mail in ballots remaining are going to be heavily left-leaning. That would give Biden 306.
Trump or Biden
Sure, if your benchmark for development doesn't give a fuck about the masses.
Trump or Biden
Jesus Christ. The NYPost reporters who leaked this information wanted to stay anonymous out of fear of retaliation. Not the writer who wrote the article.
Trump or Biden
The GDP per capita is 8k USD per year. That's the same as Brazil's.
Trump or Biden
'Bruce Golding, a reporter at the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid since 2007, did not allow his byline to be used because he had concerns over the article’s credibility, the two Post employees said, spea...
Trump or Biden
Russia and China are not developed countries.
Trump or Biden
Yes, hoaxes. I prefer real news, like Hunter Biden being a pedophile despite the FBI led by Trump-appointed Ratcliffe having the laptop in evidence for a year and not doing anything about it. And ...