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muslims in sweden school
Fuck me ? why ? Becouse muslims is everywhere, in all countrys and still have a problems? F...Logic
400 dpi sensi 1.4 win sensi 6/11
...UK cs:go scene = one big joke
2015 CSGO Improvements.
Ban russians? :D Delete this country from the world map :( !!!
BenQ XL2430T vs EIZO Foris FG2421
benq for me :)
What are your hobbies?
Gaming Football Partys Music Movies
best EU countries to live in
Yes, Poland in the context of the EU is extremely poor. I am student so i have no work, but my family = dad lawyer and mom architect have per month cca 27,000 k euros but i am not sure in this its on...
best EU countries to live in
Ehm, World's Richest Countries by 2014 GDP - International Monetary Fund statistics at October 2014 1. China: US$17.632 trillion (up 79.4%) 2. United States: $17.416 trillion (up 18.3%) 3. India:...
best EU countries to live in
Dude France is in top 10 Rich countrys in the world... and czech is in top 100 maybe same poland, same italy, same spain, portugal and more. :) Sure in all countrys is poor people, in Dubai too, China...
best EU countries to live in
dude...climate or weather jesus :D people need good work and money for good life -_- so Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, France and Germany maybe
SS Xai, Sensei and Razer DA 13 Kinzu is so small -_-
best EU countries to live in
Portugal and Spain is same poor countrys like Poland, Slovakia and Czech. -_- so what is best there ? :D
best EU countries to live in
Poland is top poor country in eu, same czech :D just if u want money, France, Belgium, Scandinavian
best EU countries to live in
-NBK -SmithzZz +kennyS +apex
-NBK? :DD haaaa NBK and his spray on the AK :)