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Good music suggestions?
Chevrolet Opala
Opala? is that the south american version of Impala or?
Top 5 worst roster moves in history
iBP+desi C9+slemmi or what ever his nick was Liquid+pimp NiP -maikelele
Muslims come here
Muslims come here
Ask your friends, isn't majority of the Albanian population muslims or
Jan Blömqvist is the best chill/study music
How does your country view Albania
I thought you were friendly, no need to take the anger out on me, I didn't mess up your country:(
European Union is Democratic?
Are you talking about Schröder?
How does your country view Albania
It does, they claim that their government is oppressive or international protection or something like that but I think they're just using a flaw in our system because it takes a bit of time to process...
How does your country view Albania
refugees* it would be almost impossible for an Albanian to be granted a residence permit here and immigrate
How does your country view Albania
They are only known as refugees here basically
European Union is Democratic?
Of course not, aren't you aware of how Von Der Leyen was picked to be the President of the European Commission? EU is nothing but a totalitarian institution and Germany is buttfucking other EU nations...
i fix any football team
DC United
Share an unpopular opinion
that's the spirit!
Say one bad country