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Suggest me an anime to watch
very good
cheaters on pro scene
German Bundestagswahl POLL
Hier trifft sich wohl der Abschaum der Gesellschaft
German Bundestagswahl POLL
Wo hast du diese tolle Statistik denn her? xD Trottel...
German Bundestagswahl POLL
You can't see my point of him not voting for AfD because of lacking election program? He wants to vote for AfD because they are against immigrants and that's the only point I'm criticizing... "getting...
German Bundestagswahl POLL
go see a doctor please, I want to see you when there's war in your country and you wouldn't be allowed to go anywhere
German Bundestagswahl POLL
fuck AfD though, nobody wants these nazis. 4% of immigrants are terrorists, I can live with that to save thousands from death because they live in war zones...
German Bundestagswahl POLL
idiot nazi
FaZe hahahahahahahaha
n1 transfers from FaZe
I spent 4000$ on supreme clothing AMA
sad enough that you have to tell strangers on HLTV how much money are own, just to feel good about yourself ^.^
faze 0-3
FalleN Replaced by TaZ
^this, there is so much more than just stats and numbers behind winning games (especially on big LANS)
BIG abusing crouch jump
In my oppinion , PGL should just not allow it from now on.
BIG abusing crouch jump
They should probably agree on not doing it, yes. The amount of money they play for is pretty nice and they are greedy. It's still CS and not the bible group
BIG abusing crouch jump
I kind of see your point, but in my oppinion it's not BIG's fault that this bug exists. I have the same oppinion about the olofmeister boost. In my oppinion they get rewarded for discovering such bugs...