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-styko +who
yep nice peek @ shower in B ventroom when he knew huNter was there and knew he was shower xD just jumping out without any support like a mad man
-styko +who
STYKO is such a joke, his plays on cache cost mouz the game
Gillette anti-male propaganda
why would you think companies lose 50% of their cunstomers bc of one polarising ad? 1. It really depends on where you let it run 2. not everyone takes it so serious as you do 3. it's proven that havin...
instagram egg
like you? (,_,)
Flusha - God of Aimlock (read bellow)
I have no doubt that it's the fact ppl have stopped cheating (in LAN tournaments)
Flusha - God of Aimlock (read bellow)
that's an interesting video, didn't know that. Though I believe that at some point flusha ( and a few others in the pro scene) did use cheats. Probably until KQLY got banned or a little later. There...
Flusha - God of Aimlock (read bellow)
https://youtu.be/3185zZ9EHYM?t=32m10s gl explaining this
Flusha - God of Aimlock (read bellow)
flusha cheated 100% you can see it on this video and many more: https://youtu.be/3185zZ9EHYM?t=32m10s I dont think he's still doing it but the fact that he has done it should ban him for lifetime...
Not my kind of music but it's well composed I guess
HLTV aim server
bump 8st accounnt
[16+] Am I decent ?
aim is fine, can't rly say anything about your gamesense, since I dont have the info you have in these situations. Keep watching stream for more gamesense, try to understand why these players make cer...
are cold on top10?
if they are actually looking for the best player of the year, it must be s1mple since his individual skill is higher than devices, but it's skandinavian website and device has won alot with his team, ...
Why NiKo instead of coldzera at top 5 ?
dude are you stupid?
suNny's Sister
not too bad but not hot either imo
crazy/disgusting/creepy Sites
can be creepy and extremely graphic, trust me